Step By Step Information on the Process


    1. Contact us and email a photo.

    2. We will inform you of your styling options.

    3. Book a date for your treatment (this is a tattoo that requires healing which can vary from person to person)

    4. Arrange transportation – most people come in and out the same day. Allow 3-5 hours, plus plenty to time to get to our location.

    5. For best results your hair should be cut at the length that our master barber suggests.  Make sure your hair has been washed before scheduled appointment, and colored if needed.

    6. Eat a good meal before coming.

    7. Text us when you are on your way and let us know your flight has arrived, or if you are driving let us know you arrived safely.

    9. Prior to tattooing our master barber will consult with you regarding hairline and styling options.  In preparation for your tattoo our master barber will also cut your hair.

    10. After consultation tattooing will begin. Perfection takes time and 2 sessions are needed which are a minimum 6 weeks apart.

    11. When the tattoo is compete after care instructions will be reviewed. Hair styling, barbering instructions and hair care will also be discussed. We can also work with your barber if needed.

    12.  Use our lotion for one month, two times per day. The tattoo will be very dark but do not worry.  After a week the tattoo may peel, crack or look hazy.  At this time you may want to wear a hat. The tattoo will heal over 6weeks and will change shades while it is healing to a more natural shade.

    13. Do not cut your hair for one week.

    14. Do not wash your hair for three days, and then use the recommended shampoo after three days.

    15.  Stay Away from harsh chemicals, pools, sun, saunas for 3 weeks.

    16.  Email a photo after your first cut and after each cut during the first 6 weeks so that we can make sure that everything is healing and cut properly.

    17.  Book your 6 week touchup.  At the second session we will blend the tattoo if needed. We will also adjust the color and tattoo additional hair simulation that will give the illusion of texture. We must work together to achieve your new look.

    It doesn’t matter how good we tattoo, if your hair is not blended properly, if your scalp is in poor condition, or if you do not allow us to finish our job or complete your required sessions your tattoo will not look its best. So follow instructions and you will have a great new style.

    The results in photos and videos are from a minimum of two sessions. The first session we apply a base and the additional session we add texture so it looks like natural stubble. This is a tattoo and you may need to wear a hat during healing process. It is essential that you are committed to both sessions or the results may be spotty or unnatural if process is not complete.