Men's Brows

As part of the grooming process we offer men's and women's Micro-blading for eyebrows to enhance and frame your eyes. Women's Micro-blading can be found through our sister company, Permanent Makeup of Atlanta. 
Our artists can include this as part of your hair loss treatment or simply on its own to give you an even more youthful look. 

The results in our photos and videos are from clients who have had a minimum of two sessions. Framing and balancing the face a well designed and groomed brow can instantly give lift and emphasis to the eyes, giving a more youthful appearance. Various concerns such as sparse, thin or naturally very light eyebrows can be addressed by adding fullness and definition without compromising a natural look.

To book or for more information simply contact us or inquire on the day of your hair procedure.

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Men's Brows:  Before & Afters

Mens Brow Fix.jpg