Hair Thinning Solutions

    Process Videos presented by our clients experience.

    As we like to keep things real, from our natural results to our videos, below is a taste of the process client’s experience.  Presented by just some of our clients that have had Hair Simulation.  We thought you might prefer it if we let our clients do most of the talking ‘To Keep it Real’ from their own videos. To be in keeping with our other ‘real’ videos you will see that our editing is ‘real’ and not perfect, yet!

    Also below the videos is a written step by step guide to take you further through the process.

    Process Video.  Introduction – Suffering from hair loss      Am I a candidate?    

    The results in photos and videos are from a minimum of two sessions. The first session we apply a base and the additional session we add texture so it looks like natural stubble. This is a tattoo and you may need to wear a hat during healing process. It is essential that you are committed to both sessions or the results may be spotty or unnatural if process is not complete.

    Hair Thinning Solutions - Tattooed Hair Atlanta

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